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Good News! Kill Me Deadly is extended till August 30th! Be sure to go and see the show.

Colleen Jul 24, 2009

A BIG Happy birthday to Kirsten-hope the day is amazing and the next year brings even more fun and excitement for you!

Colleen Jul 7, 2009

After the murder inevitably takes place, the suspects include the dowager’s fired Guatemalan gardener (Phinneas Kiyomura), her uppity butler (Ezra Buzzington), her wacko son (Nicholas S. Williams), her spoiled daughter (Megan Bartle), and a histrionic femme fatale in a flaming-red gown (Kirsten Vangsness in the production’s funniest portrayal—a damsel-in-distress who’s as helpless as Attila the Hun).

Kill Me Deadly Review

Colleen Jul 3, 2009